Friday, May 18, 2012

Clear alerts in Oracle Enterprise Manager OEM

I am using 11g, but this work in 10g as well.
I had this annoying alert appearing under my alert tab on OEM for some time. A failed job, yes I knew it failed and fixed it that day. I waited for the alert to disappear, but alas, it did not. I acknowledged it and thought that was the end of that. Well it's been hanging around for some time and when I click on it the alert it take me to a jobs page with no information on how to clear.

I started hunting around for information on how to clear alerts that have no purpose in OEM and I found a lot of posting that said to log in as sysman and query the mgmt_current_severity and then use em_severity.delete_current_severity to remove the desired alert.

Okay that sounds good, but then I found a post by a Said Ahmed. He posted the following query which I found to be very useful so here it is.

First log in as SYSMAN or your repository owner.

select t.target_name
, t.target_type
, collection_timestamp
, message
, 'exec em_severity.delete_current_severity(''' ||
t.target_guid || ''',''' ||
metric_guid || ''',''' ||
key_value || ''')' em_severity
from sysman.mgmt_targets t
inner join
sysman.mgmt_current_severity s
t.target_guid = s.target_guid;

This will give you information about all the alerts in OEM. Copy the result from the em_severity column that you want removed. Run it exactly as it appears. Be sure you are logged in as sysman.

For example:
SQL> exec em_severity.delete_current_severity('stuff','moretuff','SCHEMA')

Before deletion
After deletion


  1. Great solution , thank you
    don't forget to COMMIT !

  2. Thank you so much for this useful tip! Finally I got rid of an issue that has bothered me for 6 long years...


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