Thursday, October 1, 2009

Veritas NetBackup - Insert media failed: EMM database error (196)

Update failed: could not add new media ID 'XYZ166' into slot 4
Insert media failed:
EMM database error (196)

I am on NetBackup 6.5.4
Attempting to add new media to my tape silo I encounter the above error. Fortunately the problem was easily resolved, but not before spending most of the day researching and on the phone with technical support.
What causes this error? If you have tapes that have been Inventoried by a previous version of NetBackup and have since upgraded or re-installed the master server application. This was a new installation of NetBackup 6.5.4 and I am using unused tapes previously inventoried under the former install of 6.5.2 which had been upgraded from version 5.2. The error only occurs because I am adding new tapes to the inventory and there are existing tapes (used or not) already in the silo that were inventoried once upon a time by a previous version. Why? I believe this is unique to the circumstances, and obviously a bug, but fortunately there is a solution.
On the Master Server type the following (exactly as shown and all on the same line):

# cd /opt/openv/netbackup/bin
# ./nbpushdata -add_flag NBPUSHDATA_G_GLOBDB_HOST dummyhostname:dummyhostname

This command only needs to be executed once. You do not need to restart the Netbackup services. Inventory the robot again and you should have success.


  1. In deepth details about how to troubleshoot EMM error 196

  2. Thanks a lot!!!!


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